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Flatlander Fitness provides group training in St Charles. If you want adult fitness group training in St Charles which will deliver results then you have come to the right place. Starting your day with group training amongst friends at our gym in St Charles provides a refreshing way to stay in shape - the hardest part is showing up. Fill out the form below and arrange a group training session in St Charles at our gym.



Looking for group training gym in St Charles, IL where results do come true - we can help you make it happen! Group training St Charles.

Our strength-based classes blend cardio and dynamic movement to get you looking good and feeling good. These classes are ideal for busy adults looking to start or restart their fitness journey. For a group training in St Charles, IL fill out the form below and arrange to visit our gym for a group training session.


Group training in St Charles? Make a great diet part of your success plan at our gym in St Charles.

Do you want to live a happy and fulfilling life without restrictions? Achieve your goals with personalized, one on one nutrition coaching. To get help with nutrition fill out the form below and arrange to visit our group training gym for a discussion about your needs.

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Achieving & Exceeding Goals

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For some period of time I knew I needed to change my eating habits and both lose weight and change my body composition. In May of 2019 I finally made the commitment to do that in order to feel and look better for a special gathering of college classmates in Sep. Thus began a focused program with Robert to achieve that goal. Robert provided a simple meal plan, 24 hour access for questions, support and encouragement along with bi-weekly check-ins. With close monitoring, my plan was adjusted as required and allowances for holidays were encouraged. Who can celebrate July 4th without a beer and ribs. We not only met the initial goal, rather exceeded it and have maintained in spite of end of year holidays. By making this change, I have increased energy, maintained strength and find I am able to push harder in my workouts. Additionally, by working closely with Robert I am better positioned to maintain this transformation long term. Many thanks Robert for helping me make this change.
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- Pam


If you are looking for personal training in St Charles, IL then fill out the form below to get in touch.

If you are looking to start exercising regularly or the thought of group training in St Charles is not appealing, then this is the option for you. Our gym is based in St Charles, IL.

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