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You want to be in the best shape of your life ...

You want to be in the best shape of your life, keep up with your kids, play with your grandkids or just feel fit for life! We are here for you to have that quality of life that you deserve and want. Living a high quality, fit life may be difficult to image but we know that it is possible with a community and coaches that support you.

The large globo gyms are intimidating and you don’t want everyone staring at you when they are on the treadmill, we have two gym spaces with an intimate atmosphere. Our coaches will personalize your training sessions to your needs, whether it is weight loss, build muscle, increase your flexibility or you just want to start exercising…we are your gym. Our goal is to get you the results that you are striving for and increase your quality of life! During your training sessions we will discuss nutrition and provide you with guidance on what to eat and when. Your diet plays a big part in your overall health and fitness goals.

Sign-up for a free introduction consultation. During this session, you will learn about Flatlander’s approach to fitness and optimal health, and also complete a short fitness assessment. The hardest step in this change is walking through the door. Let us share our fitness and health knowledge with you and help you obtain your goals.

Personal Training sessions are $75 per 60-minute session. (Package discounts are available)

Let’s set-up a free consultation and discuss your goals and how we can support you.